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CCTV Installation Services

Defend your property against intruders by installing a CCTV security system. Our CCTV security systems can be installed in both the business and the home!

Calibre Security Systems can design and install C.C.T.V systems to your specific requirements and needs from a simple one cctv camera with dvr recorder to a multi camera/multi zone system.

Using the latest digital recorders and high resolution cameras, you can rest assureed that all the information needed in a crises would be at hand.

We can offer a full networked compatible system with remote viewing facility our range of cameras go from simple static to fully motorised dome complete with full pan and tilts facilities. For additional security, we can use infra red cctv cameras for good vision even in the dark.

The systems can be viewed on conventional monitors or LCD screens which can be wall or ceiling mounted. Our systems can be controlled via our range of DVR’s which can record each camera digitally and independently and store the information on its own internal hard drive, a back up can be taken at any time via a DVD, CD-R or USB flash drive .


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